TeamSpeak 3

We use an application called TeamSpeak 3 to communicate with each other while we are in game.
What teamspeak does is allow you to talk to people via a microphone while you are playing a game. This has many advantages.

This is how to get and set up TeamSpeak 3:

Note: You need to know if your computer is running either 32bit or 64bit versions of Windows.
To easily find this out, simply go to the start menu, right click 'Computer' and then click properties.

1. Download the client from here.
2. Install TeamSpeak 3.
3. Optional: If you have a micrphone or headset connect it to your computer now
4. Start the TeamSpeak 3 client.
5. Follow the first-run instructions. You'll be asked to provide a username. We recommend you use the username that everyone knows you by
6. Go to Settings and click on 'Options' (or simply hold ALt+P)
7. Look at the capture and playback tabs and make sure that your audio devices are setup correctly. Please do NOT use the 'Stereo Mix' input option. Simply put, Stereo Mix is the microphone attached to your sound card. Everyone will be able to hear your system sounds if you have this turned on. We only allow stereo mix to be used if the usage has been granted by a clan admin.
8. Close the settings window. Now go to the 'Connections' tab and click 'Connect'. In this window, enter the following as the Server Address. Make sure your nickname is correct, and leave the 'Server Password' field blank.
9. Now click 'Connect' and you should now be in the Public Mess Hall of our Teamspeak 3 server.


You can create server Bookmarks which allows you to remember multiple TeamSpeak 3 servers at once.
To create a bookmark, go the the 'Bookmarks' tab in the TeamSpeak 3 client and click 'Manage Bookmarks'. Then click the 'Add Bookmark button' and fill out the appropriate fields. You can also set bookmarks to be automatically joined when you startup Teamspeak.

Additional Notes:
The TeamSpeak 3 server can be used by anyone. The TeamSpeak 3 server has multiple rooms which you can use. You can also request to have a temp room setup for a specific event (such as a meeting).
The TeamSpeak 3 server is hosted 24/7 and, almost always, admins are inside the Teamspeak server. We will kick/ban you if you do not follow the rules. You can find a full list of teamSpeak 3 rules on our Rules page.