How to join the {XG} Clan:

1. Read the server, forum and member rules found on our website!
By applying to join the clan it is assumed you have read, understood and agreed to the rules found on our website!

2. Register on our forum. Make sure you are logged in and click on Apply to Join {XG}.

Note: If you get the following message: "An Error Has Occurred! Your account is still awaiting admin approval."
Then please contact a forum admin on Steam (andyyydotcom, gijs007, βĽдΖ∑Ŕ -=CЯУPTΞЖ=-)

3. Wait until we accept you. We shall not accept you if you do not complete the above steps. Not registering an account on the forum will automatically get your application rejected!

4. Optional: Join our clan group on steam:

Requirements for entry:

1. You need to speak English
2. You need to have Halo (Halo Combat Evolved or Halo Custom Edition) or Battlefield 3/4.
3. You must not be banned on any of the {XG} Servers.
4. You agree to our rules (e.g. No multi clanning, Always wear the correct clan tag once you are approved,etc)

Teamspeak 3:

We also host a Teamspeak 3 server. Teamspeak is an application which allows you to talk to people via a microphone while you are in game. We use this application a lot (especially in events) and we recommend you to download and install it as it is very useful. Additionally, if you do not have a Microphone, you can talk via text chat in the Teamspeak client and still hear the other people which do have microphones.

You can grab Teamspeak from
If you'd like more information on Teamspeak, or would like help on how to setup and use Teamspeak, you can visit this page on our website for more information on how to setup and use teamspeak.