The dilemma :D

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The dilemma :D
« on: 16 April 2017, 17:07:14 »
Hello ...

Well 14lol41 i think was his name? and Gijs and Jeroen , only you 3 might remember me , i dont know how i found myself here after all this years , i must say , glad to see you guys doing well .. Gijs remember vdemonlord? the owner of R.O.C.K servers and your 1st customer?  its me ..

So to get into the topic for other people who dont know me , my name is Daria and i am an architect , im from kurdistan region iraq and a hardcore gamer since 1997 and still gunz a blazin :D , my 1st games were ace combat 3 and cs then moved to Halo series and got attached to it and even made a huge community with friends , one of them was Gijs and we were very close and i used to rent servers from him :) , the days were awesome but unofrtunately real life got in between and had to  leave for many years , we had one of the HaloCE top servers , actually 2 servers called R.O.C.K and it was 1st and 2nd rank in gametracker , right now im running my own international community with very professional people over 300 active members , ill not mention the name because i dont want to get misunderstood by advertising for it :D ..  right now im hooked up with arma 3 , bf1 , bf4 ..

ill try to be active here and get to know you all ..

and Gijs how is life dude? i hope everything went well for you .. ill be around ..


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Re: The dilemma :D
« Reply #1 on: 19 May 2017, 02:10:29 »
Welcome (back) though!
Naite kurasu mo issei, waratte kurasu mo issei