Gun Game/One in the chamber Server

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Gun Game/One in the chamber Server
« on: 11 September 2014, 04:38:18 »
Hey everyone if you read my last post you saw that I was doing an extinction server. well not anymore. I saw that someone had made a Gungame server. If you do not know what gun game is it is a gamemode in call of duty where everyone starts off with the same weapon and each time you kill someone your gun gets upgraded until you win.

The thing is that the person who made the server would not share how he did it. so i was thinking and i found out how to make it in SAPP.
It is very good I might add. So then I started thinking well why not make a One in the Chamber gamemode in SAPP also (is possible.)

So thats what im doing. I will be hosting it but I really want it to be an Official XG clan server hosted by XG. I think we could make a server for little mini games like that and people would jump on it.

I also have an idea for alot of other gamemodes from other games.

I only have the Gun game working and the server is called {XG} GunGame by {XG}Tony117

If anyone wants the settings for it just shoot me a PM. it was very easy to make the only problem i had was when you joined you would crash because it deletes your weapons before it was made. (fixed.)

Also like with my extinction server I am looking for admins so please let me know if you are interested. Thanks
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