Unban request - acbluflame

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Unban request - acbluflame
« on: 30 May 2014, 01:07:05 »
Nickname you were using while in game: acbluflame
xFire username: acbluflame
Server you were banned from: {XG}Classic CTF [24/7]
Date (or approx) of when you were banned: 29/05/2014
Your ip address(check http://www.whatismyip.com to be sure):
The {XG}members in the server at the moment you got banned: {XG}Gijs007
Reason why you think you got banned / or reason you think you should be unbanned:
Over the years I have been playing, dc has been notorious for its heavies (rox) and can be frowned upon - understood.  However, since 2004, I, personally, have never come across a server which outright bans a player for using a weapon on the map.  Some servers like LE server just made the weapon useless (e.g. fuel rod on damnation).  When I was kicked for "noobtubing", it seemed like one of those joke kicks that jabs at players for the cheap kills, yet still legitimate way of playing the map, so I didn't think anything of it really.  It simply did not occur to me that this was a legitimate weapon ban/rule.  Furthermore, I haven't come across this rule in XG servers before, and as long as I wasn't being abusive or cheating, I believed I was in the clear.

On my part, it was my fault for not checking the MotD if it was stated there, but I very rarely check it because 99% of servers just give the clan URL or other information not useful to most players.

By the time I saw a message regarding the detailed "noobtubing" rule in chat and realised it was a rule, I was using a sniper rifle, but apparently that was too late, and received an IP ban.
Gijs007, I hope you realise that when you kick someone with a reason, the person kicked is not given a great window of opportunity to see the reason, especially if they are concentrating on shooting.  Sure everyone else sees it, except perhaps the most important person of them all. 
As an aside perspective, I personally don't agree with the weapon ban, considering it's a part of the map balance by Bungie and is fine for scrims where the balance is strongly important, etc.  Especially as radar is enabled on that map, rendering the rox ban pointless anyway for vets. 

I do, however, apologise for the use of the rox against 'infantry' and will abide by the rules in the future.