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General Discussion / Re: amd rx 480
« Last post by Gijs on 12 July 2016, 19:22:29 »
  • The 480 is a great card, with an awesome price performance ratio. Although you may want to wait for versions with customized coolers which will be quieter and cool better.
  • The Nvidia 1060 has had a paper launch, it will probably take a few months until you can actually buy it in store.
My personal opinion:

Since I already have a Radeon 290 I don't really get any performance benefits from upgrading to a RX 480. As such I'll wait till AMD brings out their new high end "Vega" video cards with HBM2 memory. (Depending on the price, I'm not planning on spending more than 300-400 euro at a video card.)

I will never buy an Nvidia card, because:

1. We had the Halo active camouflage issue before the 1.10 patch.
Nvidia could have fixed it with drivers but didn't bother. (I personally informed them back in 2008, but they were to prideful to fix it and as such we had to resort to third party hacks.. Apparently customer experience is not important, no?  ???)

Here is my actual post on their forum:
Excuse my way of writing, as it was shit back when I was 14 ;)

2. Nvidia is a scumbag company (Their "the way it's meant to be played" campaign is complete bullshit. Not to mention their "Game Works" program that only exist of propriety technology which is designed to creates worse performance for AMD and older Nvidia card's. Nvidia even forces smaller developers and pays the larger ones to make use of  "Game Works' so that people will buy a new Nvidia card..

Nvidia might make good video cards, but I won't buy their products because their philosophy is to make as much money as possible by ruining the PC gaming industry.

AMD is like the complete opposite, they actually makes open source stuff and do things which makes the whole gaming industry move forward. For example TressFX and Mantle which resulted in DirectX 12 and Vulkan (Which replaces OpenGL).
New Members / Re: New Member - {XG}Kimchi
« Last post by KIMCHI on 12 July 2016, 19:01:40 »
ohh thanks guys!^^ :)
General Discussion / amd rx 480
« Last post by {XG}Light on 12 July 2016, 18:07:59 »

Amd has recently released the RX 480.What do you think about it guys?Is someone planning to buy it?
Personally i need a new video card but i'm waiting the release of the gtx 1060 and then i will decide what to do
New Members / Re: New Member - {XG}Kimchi
« Last post by {XG}Light on 12 July 2016, 12:01:54 »
Welcome ;D
New Members / Re: New Member - {XG}Kimchi
« Last post by Gijs on 11 July 2016, 23:43:34 »
Yo, welcome to the clan.  :)
New Members / New Member - {XG}Kimchi
« Last post by {XG}BillClinton on 11 July 2016, 20:18:50 »

Forum name: Kimchi
Steam name: Kimchi

Welcome to {XG} clan!
Introduce Yourself / Re: Matthew®
« Last post by Gijs on 06 July 2016, 23:39:50 »
Welcome to the community!  :)
New Members / New Member - {XG}Mattie
« Last post by {XG}BillClinton on 06 July 2016, 23:37:47 »

forum name: MKnance

Welcome to {XG} clan!
Introduce Yourself / Re: Matthew®
« Last post by {XG}BillClinton on 06 July 2016, 23:15:34 »
Hi MKnanacee

Welcome to our forums :)

Introduce Yourself / Matthew®
« Last post by MKnance on 06 July 2016, 22:52:03 »
Hello Nice to meet you all my buddy is from the XG Clan he goes by XG Anon hope you all are well
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