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General Discussion / Classics.
« on: 03 October 2014, 17:29:00 »
Classic ctf, rite.
So, what is the actual fvck is going on? Had 80 ping, can't shoot anything. Died few times, got ~half minute respawns.

I had the "worse than anything ever experienced" month, I just wanted to chill a little, right now I'm almost dead, lost so many sanity and brain cells during a simple 3v3.. It's time to take my second "holiday" and be as far as I can from halo, or something like that.
Yeah "don't take games serious"... okay okay, I just waited 10 fucking minutes as spectator because of this. Sorry

No, this is not a "k bai guys i haz summer 2 weeks will be bak soon" Just nobody will see me playing it nowadays.. Not like I've been the most active member and employee of the month by played hours, but yeah - no halo until November, I think.

SPAM / The ultimate question
« on: 10 August 2014, 12:39:02 »
After my return, and playing 9 hours in row, I just can't stop thinking about it.
It was my all-time-favourite question about halo, since whenever skills come in question, this is all that comes in mind.

So, I would like to hear most of your answers, since I couldn't decide after so many years ;D

So, who is better? The guy who gained 49 kill in ffa, with 20 deaths, or the guy who gained the same 49 kill in ffa, but with only 10 deaths? This happened in my halo marathon sooooo many times today, and it still grinds my gears after that ;D

Like, the first person died twice as much as the latter one, but still managed to gain the same amount of kills. Could be suicide, bad spawn, he was killed twice as much as the other, but still managed to get the same amount of points. Also, he spent more time waiting for respawn than the other.
But on the other hand, the other guy got the same kill amount while being more careful, and died half as much as the first one.
Which means, he was good enough to beat more of his opponents while being alive, spent less time waiting, etc.

So in real, who have the upper hand? Who is more skillful? (keep luck out of this question, it's unrelated, and impossible to counter)
First person managed to get as much kill as the other one even waiting more, but the other guy just was careful, and beating most of his enemies, in order to not die, and wait the few seconds.

Please help me, I can't shake it out of my head :))

Halo Custom Edition / Eagle's diary about stuff
« on: 01 August 2014, 16:54:44 »
So yeah, made it home alive, I could be available for the clan event BUT

When I was away, tried to play halo without the 1.10 patch on my portable version.. I was able to play on all the servers listed, but there was like 10 times more servers than players. Arrived, tried halo, turns out we not suffered mass exctinction amongst ours, and I can finally go back to sleep, since I had nightmares about it ;D

Anyway, modified the shortcut with -devmode -console, so I could play on my new firefight maps, turned out to be pretty epic and buggy as hell lol.
Removed the commands o' such, wanted to play a little classic ctf. Started halo, multiplayer, internet games, refresh... nothing happened. (home version is updated to 1.10) I though that my net died for a moment, since when it happens, halo kinda dies. Alt+f4, spent 5 minutes praying to didact so my halo could work again.. net is on, refreshed the server list, nothing happened. Pressed the back button. Halo freezed. I couldn't alt+f4 out my way, can't call the gang of ctrl alt delete, only the reboot could save my day.

Oddly, tried to play whatever it takes. Same happened. Just to inform you, I'm back from holidays, can't play until halo problem solves itself, sorry ;D

SPAM / I'm done ... but I'll be back
« on: 13 June 2014, 14:47:34 »
So yeah, usual rutine, joining random lead servers to have fun like in the good ol' days, but in the recent days, I'm having serious net problems, like driving 200 metres with 168 ping, and suddenly 1680 ping and so on..

.. So, with the usual rutine, and 18% of hatred, just started playing on Black servers.. yeah yeah I know, bunch of noobs, but good for practicing how to shoot stationary targets. (Even bothered about leading while somebody's standing,. no)
It was extraordinary gameplay, bunch of nice people, with decent skills, even with 230-ish ping, good teamwork on both sides.
Changed a few xfire profile names, then the usual 9 year olds arrived. CAPS LOCK RAPING THE WHOLE CHAT, doing their moron stuff, talking like trash people, giving orders to others, and betraying us in every possible way.
- When FF was on, they was hunting down us with fuel rods, rox and driving throught us
- Eventually, most of the time it was off, but they just used ghost to annoy us even aim, move or anything, blocking the teleport, when you throw a grenade, they just committed suicide, so you'll get your 15-30 sec respawn..

I was calm for like a whole 13 and half seconds, but when realizing they ruined our nice game, I went on rampage, changed team with my teammate, and in a 4v11-12 match, we beat the living shit out of them.
After the balance thing was realized, most of them changed team, and started annoying us with ghosts again..
I was charging the enemy base, when I just noticed, an enemy is shooting me with assault from behind.. the ghost teammate was still near, knocking me all over, making me lag, BUT

I jumped on the ghost, jumped again, made a 180? quickscope on the charging enemy, killing him instantly... After that, I got banned, because aimbot, I think, no reason was written. No justice in these days, morons got to live on, but nice guys gets killed. And handsome, too

It was enough for me, I'm going to make a thousand sandwiches, go for a walk, climb Mount Everest backwards on an unicycle and I'll start playing again when the 1.10 patch is a daily thing, and these cod-child-nubs cleared out of the existence.
I'll be still available here, just going to spend more time in my bed ::)


Anyway, I'm back (not even said bye) after a nice holiday, buuuuuuut..
Joris left :'( I know, RL is more important, but, buuut... I wasn't even here to actually say goodbye to him. :(
If I'm not wrong, most of us live on the other side of the world. I mean, it's pretty rare that XG members (who met eachother first time on xfire or here at the forumz) actually meet. Me and Joris were like Halo best friends ;D (unfortunatelly, we not even had a chance to play frequently) and at one point, we were like 50km from eachother :(

He was a great person, always helpful, and when you had a bad day, he made it brighter. how to make a poll?
Anywhere else, some people blame those who had extreme amount of comments.. But when he speaks, his words was meaningful.
You needed help? He came and helped you out.
You were in need of an answer? He was there to tell you.
Joris, in my opinion, was the most valuable member of this community, respect.
Me? I'm just that crazy guy who can sometimes kill somebody, and everyone else is like "whoa" ;D

We need to do a tribute for him. He shall be remembered, and of course, when you return, wait for a warm welcome ::)
In my eyes, he was legendary. I wish you good luck in real life, study hard, and have fun where you moving ;)

Have a happy new year, and.. I'm already missing you :( Good luck!

Oh, and yeah, I'm back yoooooooo

SPAM / Me, and my mobile net...
« on: 28 November 2013, 17:36:12 »
Spoiler for Hiden: /watch?v=_T4thx_rt1k

Look at it. Just look at it.

200 ping, no-lead server, low player count, freshly restarted server.
And no one ever believed me. D:

So yeah, this is the proof. My net sucks, broke my keyboard, and ... Yeah, I can't be the old eagle anymore.


Anybody wanna do pancakes?

Minecraft / Minecraft 1.7.2 - Projects, and maybe some dl link
« on: 26 November 2013, 19:54:20 »
About 1.7.2 download link.. Pm me.

I don't know who else playing with it, but.. Let's bump mc, because I think it deserves it.

Anyway, me, and DaftPunk#2 (a.k.a Dozy) are maintaning an 1.7.2 server, and in the close future, we want to make a little series.
The only downside of that.. Only 5 player can join at the same time. Since this is a private server, accessible via Hamachi, I need some tips.

- First of all, this is a cracked server, and we never wanted to pay any kind of game, so.. It is possible for us to maintane a server which can allow players to join, only by IP?
- It's kinda boring to play on a server, where only two-three of us playing. (My close group, only for lulz)
So, if this project succed, and if we can make a bigger server, who want to join? (Just in case, when we can't play halo :P)
- I can speak english, but.. not fluently. As you can see, my grammar is kinda "good", but I can't make this while I'm on TS.
So, if we make a series, let's make commentary, but on which language?
I'm kinda talkative, but .. As I said, It's hard for me to speak english fluently ;D

Also, some pics:

Diablo like Dungeon generator

The dungeon's mechanism.

Dungeon from inside.

My favourite house :3 (1.5.2)

Our first village, made by four people. (The light Tower turned off, cuz lag.)

Totally working 6x2 bridge, by PG5

My favourite house's replica on 1.7.2

Me, and Dozy's island, 1.7.2

The same island.

"Can we call this a fortress with that meaningless waterfall?"

We brewed some potions. ;D

Shooting the jacuzzi after 2271 kills..

I like messing with command blocks.. Made our EXP based shop - You can buy everything, if you have enough exp level.

My first fortress, hidden in the swamp, with my own railroad.

Replica, different logs.

So, we are just lulzing around, making these, but I guess.. It could be funnier to make a series.
If I can manage to make a bigger server, who wants to showoff? ;D

PC Help! / Halo problem .. KB969798
« on: 29 October 2013, 21:34:00 »
It was meant to be there.

So yeah, it's me again, with another problem.
I'm right now 50km away from home, at my brother's house, with my pc.
Just installed Halo from my portable version, attempting to start halo...Failed.
Downloaded it from another site... Failed.

"Cannot allocate required memory.." stuff again.

inb4 "lmgtfy QQ eagle why you can't do stuff by yourself"

Nah, really, I haven't googled it, since I know this issue from the past... now the real problem is..
I don't have the KB969798 IE8 update, since I deleted it about a year ago.
Googled up, can't see to find anything interesting.

The KB969798 causing the problem, and .. I don't have anything to delete, in order to Halo work again.

What should I do? :o

General Discussion / I think it should be discussed..
« on: 18 October 2013, 18:07:17 »
So, multi clanning is not allowed, but I'm invited to a clan.

Yeah, 10 months is a quite long time, I managed to make it to the highest rank available to a normal member, since I was admin for only One day. (That's why I didn't started pilotdude's trains, can't kick anybody who's interrupting us, etc)

Also, I had so many 1v1's ruined, the last 3 weeks was my worst in my life, I need to calm down a little, because I'll RQ from life.

Yup, lots of you guys calling me good player, also 'Legendary' player (as Jorisbro mentioned ;D) and I understand nobody want me to leave.
To clear some things, I'm not a pro, not a good player, also, I was never a legend. I'm just lucky.
I became worse, and worse. I'm not that Eagle I was back in January.

I added the other clan's leader on xfire, I just waiting a response. I won't leave until my recruitment is started.
If I not meet the criteria, I won't leave. If I make it, then I'll be in a huge trouble.

I played with the best players here. (imo) Billy, Gijs, 14lol41, God, aLTis, Light, Headshot, Oldschool, and the list is going on.
Pretty like this clan. But in these days, I need a little change. Everything went in a soooo bad way, now I even hate my life.
Everything is working against me. Lost my girlfriend, I can't learn properly, my degree is going down, also, lost so many of my better friends.. I hate how things going.

I want to try out new things, but this rule is... Broke my dreams.
I assume that Aiur was a good player, so the rest of the clan should be good to. Maybe I can gain some skill..

Note, nothing is set in stone. It is possible that I'll never leave. It is possible that I'll never return.. Also, it is possible that I'll stop playing halo tomorrow, my pc dies, I lose more friends, also, it is highly possible that I'll be killed too, (lol)

Nothing is set in stone. Maybe things will work out better by time.. Everything and anything can change, just matter of time.

Oh and CSB - I'm not mad at you. I understand that you were proud that I was your mentor, I was proud when you being recruited, and I'm not mad. I need to change my life. I apologize.
God - Good luck with your new admin status. I don't know If I was a good/bad admin, but I was only admin for one day.
Oldschool - Nah bro, I won't leave you alone ;D I'll ask you a lots of times to do training together :p
Pilotdude - Sorry about how things went.. I can't be online often enough to start the real training. Good luck in XG.
Joris - Ah dude, we need to play sometimes together :( 10 months, and we can't play a single match.. that's a shame.

Also, a big hug to everyone.

SPAM / Is Joris can do a New Poll?
« on: 14 August 2013, 01:23:08 »
Just lol'd hard... Sorry my young padawan :3

Kill me if i did something wrong

Promotions / {XG} Eagle - Not even completed 5/5 ?
« on: 20 June 2013, 13:00:16 »
Colonel: Being in the clan for 6 months and 50 posts on the forum.

Yeah, i know there is still 10 days to left , but tomorrow im going to a family reunion, family meeting , i don't know what words an Enlish man use in that case :D So me , and far away living family members gonna have 1 month together.. There will be many family stuff, lol, no time to play halo, or even play on the computer :o Thats why im writing this promotion 10 days earlier.

Field Marshall: An average k/d off 2.0 and a screenshot with a k/d off 3.0

20,3 KDR

10,25 KDR

8,14 KDR

12,5 KDR

9,25 KDR

Just For Fun ;D

Infinitive kdr? :o

Halo Custom Edition / As i said
« on: 16 April 2013, 22:15:57 »
So , i enjoy saying almost everything , but not that one

I think im about to give up halo..

My internet connection are truly are the most awful creature on the whole earth , maybe not
Everyone knows that im noob , and cant play good ;D Because my net.. Everytime i join , i cry about the noobtubers and my damn ping , which is always about 89-133 , but i lag.. And now im being kicked after i join any kind of server..

I just join Classic CTF , and my ping is sooo good , i gone under 33 :o

I was so happy , i almost commited suicide
After about 3 killz , dat fuck*n thing has appeared in my monitors corner ... my ping was the mount everest , suddenly a little 12k ping , and after that , 900-1200 ... Im being kicked , and cant do anything with that

I can't practice , i can't play , and the worst ... i can't be with the people i like :c

And yeah , sorry about the mistakes , i just so mad , i cant even write

Promotions / Trying to be promoted again
« on: 26 March 2013, 18:41:01 »
Lieutenant: Being in the clan for 3 months and 30 posts on the forum.

Major: An Average k/d off 1.75 and a screenshot with a k/d off 2.5

1.) 2.7~ KDR

2.) 3.64 KDR

3.) 9.25 KDR

4.) 18.75

5.) 45 KDR ;D

Sorry if i can't play really good , but if i was on my spree , lots of players quit , changed team , and so on ???

Second try , because nobody saw that last comment :,387.0.html

Halo Custom Edition / Am i a member?
« on: 20 March 2013, 16:38:17 »
In the last few weeks , i thought about .. Im in clan about 4 months , about to level up my rank.

So i checked the members page ( AND im nowhere to see  ???

The screenshots to be promoted are on my computer , but im not uploading them until i see myself in the members page ::)

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