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General Discussion / Hello from the otter slide
« on: 08 November 2016, 03:07:50 »
Umm. Hello guys. My name's LOLOx and ummm I miss you. :'(

How you lads doing? I haven't heard from this group for God knows how long. I see a couple of old folks have written some posts saying how much they miss me.

I tried posting awhile back but the forum wasn't online ATM so... Here I am, writing to you guys to see how everything's hangin'. I'm at my fourth semester of mechanical engineering and everything's going well, i'm getting good grades, i don't get enough sleep, don't have a gf (I blame my choice of career(and my ugliness)), nobody will care about my good grades and my country is going to sh*t. So, yeah... Everything's awesome.

How's everyone around here?

General Discussion / This looks awesome!
« on: 03 October 2014, 04:02:39 »

The forum looks Awesome, guys! I read something about updating...something on the main page... IDK.

I really like the new background, although Master Chief's best feature was his butt and now nobody will be able to see it  :(

How is it hanging?

General Discussion / DOOM
« on: 04 July 2014, 03:37:15 »

I can't believe i missed the new Doom teaser. *shooting my brains out*
Doom is my favourite game of ALL TIME and i really hope the guys at bethesda do a great job not DOOM 3-ing it so much. I loved Doom 3 but it didn't have the same feeling as the first Doom games ya know? The fast paced Doomguy killing dozens of monsters in the same room. Doom 3 was more of a horror+atmosphere game. IMO.
And before somebody says something, yes i was born 2 years after the release of doom and i didnt get to play it until like 00-02 But it was the very first game i played.

This teaser gave me more of a Quake feeling than Doom. I remember Doom enemies being demons sent from hell occasionally mixed up with machines and stuff but the STROGGS were an alien race who used their own bodies as experiments and started mixing heavy machinery with themselves. We all remember these guys after all.

and well, this poor Fella.
Spoiler for Hiden:
Tell me what you think.

Servers / mmmm WTF!?
« on: 24 May 2014, 04:57:04 »
Hey guys i just wanted to tell you that mmm...

I was playing with Y2K and Charles M in the USA extincion server and suddenly i got a little bit of lag and right before i got kicked/banned from the server i saw that i was getting banned from the server for using aimbot.
I'm sure it's just a SAPP bug but a lot of people saw what happened and they might get the wrong impression about us, specifically me. T_T

AND in case you ask cause you don't trust me, the programs i had on while playing halo were: Xfire, Windows Media Player, Google Chrome and Hamachi.

Report a Rule Breaker / Weird members
« on: 04 May 2014, 19:35:05 »
Just FYI: This guys joined the extincion server with the name {XG}-Formal before even creating an account on the forum. I tried to talk to him like 3 times but he didn't answer so i kicked him out of the server. You can ask T-Rex, he was there.

There seems to be a weird situation going on in the servers, the last 3 fake members i've seen were wearing our tag followed by a "-" e.g. {XG}-CABO, {XG}-Formal and {XG}-Celia. I KNOW, the last two had the decency to at least apply on the forum, even tho we never saw Celia again. IDK if it's just coincidence or if there might be someone recruiting in-game.

Do u mean an XG member recruiting, or a random player?

must be a random player cause i don't think an official member would be recruiting without permission.

must be a random member, talk to {XG} Informal and warned him that if the tag was not removed it would expel from the server and so it came off, however {XG} Cabo ignore anything, yesterday I kicked from the server, note that he says he was recruited by {XG} 14lol41 and IPHONE. Bill kicked {XG}CABO too. About {XG}Celia was the same way as Informal

General Discussion / Greatest day EVER
« on: 26 March 2014, 08:14:52 »
Hey guys, i wanna share my day with you.
Here we go:

2 guys tried to rob the house next door while i was sleeping.

I saw a guy getting mugged by an armed thief, two blocks away from my house.

SO! I decided to get some fresh air at a friend's house 4 blocks away from my place (inside the Residential area) and when i was getting back home i saw a car coming towards me with no lights on. I though, "meeh, kind of weird but whatever", then the car passes by me and stops and then the guy proceeds to put on reverse and starts following me.

Cool huh?....
If it weren't for a guy who was just entering in his house and saw me walking and the car following me IDK what could've happened. (the guy is kind of buffed and looks, well.... evil xD)

But the sadest thing of all is that i don't want to live in this place anymore. it's VERY unsafe, people aren't nice, there's no money, i'm not studying (cause classes got cancelled in my college). There's no future for anyone here. you'd have to work your ass off for like 10 years in order to get a car(IF YOU GET A JOB), you can imagine if you wanna buy a house.... But i got NO WAY OUT.

I finally got my passport (after 6 F-ing months) and suddenly Caos happens in here, so the government decided not to give any cash (dollars) to any student in the country (cause we started the protests). And Venezuelan people studying outside the country got their Remittance denied by this stupid people.

Oh!, but i got a KDR of 26 playing halo today so i got that going for me, which is nice.

General Discussion / Giving you a heads up
« on: 13 February 2014, 22:27:24 »
At least three people have been shot dead in Caracas after a peaceful protest produced violent clashes between pro- and anti-government activists. Two died when armed men on motorcycles began firing into a crowd of opposition demonstrators, who had gathered to protest the policies of the country?s socialist President, Nicolas Maduro. A third man was killed later as the violence spread through the city.

The deaths followed two weeks of increasingly heated protests across Venezuela, the most widespread unrest since Mr Maduro?s controversial election victory last year. Officials said afterwards that some 25 people had been injured in the clashes on Wednesday, more than 30 arrested, at least five police cars burned and some government offices vandalised. The protesters reportedly threw stones at the security forces and burned tyres in the streets.

Around 10,000 people attended the opposition rally in central Caracas, which began calmly as the crowd marched to the federal prosecutor?s office to call for the release of 13 fellow activists detained during similar protests in recent days.

Mr Maduro, a 51-year-old former bus driver, succeeded his political mentor, Hugo Chavez, following Mr Chavez?s death in March 2013. Opposition critics say his administration has presided over and exacerbated the country?s problems with corruption, crime and cost of living: Venezuela has the highest inflation rate in the region and one of the highest murder rates in the world. Leopoldo Lopez, leader of the opposition party Popular Will, told the crowd, ?All of these problems ? shortages, inflation, insecurity, the lack of opportunities ? have a single culprit: the government.?

As the rally concluded and the crowd began to disperse, some protesters clashed with police, at which point the men on motorcycles ? thought to be pro-government vigilantes ? appeared and opened fire. The crowd scattered, but one anti-government protester, later identified as 24-year-old student Bassil da Costa, was shot in the head and died.

A pro-government activist, Juan ?Juancho? Montoya, was also shot in the mel?e. The president of Venezuela?s National Assembly, Diosdado Cabello, announced afterwards that Mr Montoya had been ?vilely assassinated by the fascists?. It remains unclear if he and Mr Da Costa were shot by the motorcyclists or by other gunmen. As dusk fell, the violence spread east towards the wealthy Chacao district, where a third protester was shot dead.

In a televised address, a defiant Mr Maduro blamed the unrest on a ?neo-fascist upsurge?. The opposition protesters, he said, ?want to topple the government through violence. They have no ethics, no morals... We will not permit any more attacks.?

On Thursday, authorities issued a warrant for Mr Lopez, for charges including instigating crime and terrorism. Lopez, ex-mayor of Chacao, said he was simply a scapegoat and that government supporters had posed as student protesters in order to instigate the violence and then blame it on the opposition. Lopez told Reuters: ?I?m innocent. I have a clear conscience because we called for peace.?

Lopez and other opposition politicians insisted the protests would continue in spite of the bloodshed. Henrique Capriles, who ran against Mr Maduro in 2013?s presidential race, tweeted, ?We condemn violence! We know the vast majority rejects and condemns it.?

Antonio Ledezma, the mayor of Caracas, said, ?Just as we condemn the violent incidents, we say to all Venezuelan families that we have to remain ready to continue fighting, calmly but with determination. You have to know, Mr Maduro, that whatever you do, what started today will not stop until change is achieved in peace and with democracy for all Venezuelans.?

The protests have been largely populated by students, who have also staged mass demonstrations in the western cities of San Cristobal and Merida, where at least three people were injured by gunfire during protests on Wednesday, according to the AP.

Venezuela had an inflation rate of 56.2 per cent last year, and thanks to strict foreign exchange controls its citizens have recently faced shortages of medicine, spare parts, food, milk and toilet paper.

While the opposition blames Mr Maduro, the President has blamed unnamed ?saboteurs? and ?profit-hungry corrupt businessmen?.

Taken from

PC Help! / HAC 2 updating problems
« on: 17 January 2014, 10:48:33 »
Well, turns out i'm having a little but ANNOYING problem with my HaloCE/HAC2 (IDK which one is causing the problem).

Whenever i try to open Halo the stupid thing minimizes itself and i get an HAC 2 report that says its updating but its having some problems with conectivity (something like that). It shows a small countdown to... IDK reconnect to the server, maybe? well.
Then this notice pop's up saying "Invalid Network Address". >> i click OK (it only has an "OK" button).
I proceed to open Halo (which is still open in my taskbar) but it doesnt have the background. it's just Black and the Halo logo with all the options. it still loads all of the servers but when i want to join my game crashes giving me the F "gathering exception data" error.

Halo Custom Edition / Using Fuel Rod Gun > Spartans = wrong?
« on: 18 December 2013, 01:19:11 »
Well, this is my first poll. :DDDDDDD

Anyways. I've been noticing A LOT of people using the Giant green booger thingy against bare spartans and well, i always considered this as noobtube as well, so i told people not to do it 'cause they'd be breaking the rules.

I take the Fuel Rod Gun as a heavy weapon, like the Rocket freaking Launcher. So i only used it with vehicles and if the player got off the car, ghost, tank or turret then i would draw my pistol and kill them with it.

IMO its the same thing as the rocket launcher, I KNOW!, its not a one shot kill gun but its the same thing when someone is waiting for you with one of those and they start shooting like 4 of the boogers and kill you. SO! what do you think of it??

General Discussion / Halo ramifications
« on: 13 December 2013, 02:40:11 »
Well this started like a month ago. In Halo you have to press T to talk with the other players in the server and well, i sort of got used to that. So much that everytime i talk to someone on facebook or i tweet something, there's always a T at the begining of every sentece.

it sucks, really.... ;D

Share your Halo ramifications down below.

Report a Rule Breaker / a**hole Server owner
« on: 10 November 2013, 00:58:55 »
The guy who created this servers its just a f*cking a**hole i mean LOOK AT THIS!

I know he's not tecnically copying our name tag but i'm 1000000000000000%, no, ∞% certain that he put that name just to get more players to join his servers. Lucky for us, his plan doesn't seem to be working  ;D

I hate people.....

Report a Rule Breaker / Fakes, Fakes everywhere.
« on: 20 October 2013, 01:03:22 »
Hello my fellow Halo lovers, this is more of an informative post than an actual complain.

This last Month i've noticed an odd number of "new" members in the servers, especially in the Custom maps servers. Before you ask! I DONT KNOW THE ACTUAL NAMES.
I dont know how many new members we got but i'm 100% certain that a lot of the ones i've seen are fake members.

The one i really wanna know about is this guy.

This so called "{XG}§?§??" was in the extincion server when i joined, and i immediatly noticed him and asked him if he was a new member... he did not speak any english so i used my mother tongue to ask him or "preguntarle" :D long story short he didnt reply but then  this "Themplarius" guy (who used to play with Wu wu) started to ask assasin who was the leader of XG (in spanish) and he answered "Tauroxx is". We were both like O_e, WHO??? then when we told him he wasn't he started texting me i was a fake XG member and that he was going to report me to his leader. At that point i left because i couldn't do anything to get him out of the server.

Today i caught this guy in the Classic server. I didnt have Xfire ON so i had to improvise.   "{XG}ZIPI"
Spoiler for Hiden:
I assumed he was, IS!, a fake member because he was noobtubing EVERYONE with the fuel rod gun and the rocket launcher. And if he is a legitimate member then some one is gonna have to have a serious talk with him

Anyway, thank you for taking your time reading this long sh*t but i think its a very important problem we're having.

PC Help! / Internet Issue
« on: 15 October 2013, 17:23:15 »
Hey Guys!, listen. i upgraded my pc from Vista to Win 7 ultimate ( a long time ago) and im having a little problem with my internet. well, everything is fine as long as i turn on my pc with the internet ON but when i disconect the cable or disable the adapter and then i reconect it, it doesnt work anymore. first it says "identifying" but then the yellow /!\ appears in the little monitor by the tray and it says unkown network (or something like that, i dont quite remember) and to make it work i have to restart my whole PC. so...

would you mind giving me a little help? its really annoying having to restart my PC in order to use the internet again.

---Thanks--- FelixTMS

OH! and also, completely unrelated to my original problem. i'm having a problem with Windows update, a few days ago my computer updated itself when it started to shutdown, it was like 30% when it power off completely but when it started to boot again i noticed it was taking longer than usual to loggin to my session and when it finally passed through the "please wait" sign it gave me the BLACK SCREEN OF DEATH  :o  :o  :o the screen was all black with only the pointer moving... NOTHING ELSE matters So i didn't have anything else to do but restart the PC and use the"safe mode with networking" and then it said something went wrong with the update and that it was going to revert the changes, so What's up with that?

Promotions / {XG}LOLOx - Promotion - Field Marshall
« on: 13 October 2013, 19:12:17 »
Colonel: Being in the clan for 6 months and 50 posts on the forum.   DONE

I honestly can't believe i've been in this clan for over 6 months, i mean, when you guys accepted me as a new member i was always amazed by the old guys like Wu-Tang (dont know what happened to her), Tony-117(although now he prefers "terry the tiger"), BillC, Milo (miss him), Gijs (of course) and Joris (i just figured he was an old member because by the time he had like 300+ post xDD). OH! and Senhor TaCos of Course!!.  Anyway... i'd like to say thank you guys for all the support and it has being awesome to be a part of this Awesome clan.

Field Marshall: An average k/d off 2.0 and a screenshot with a k/d off 3.0                 DONE

K/D: 4,46

K/D: 5,57

K/D: 4,78

K/D: 9

K/D: 3,13

General Discussion / Signature question
« on: 19 September 2013, 04:27:52 »
Hey Guys, recently i noticed that almost everyone in this page has a signature made by JACK so i decided to give it a try and do one by myself. After i finished i thought "man!, i'd look cooler if it was .GIF" so i TRIED to do it with Jasc Animation Pro (which SUCKS the big one) and with photoshop BUT, theres a problem with the Glow Behind the letters and stuff... it gets all solid and ugly looking, i think its because of the colour limit (256 colors), so. Do any one of you guys know about a good GIF making program.

Here are the results

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