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General Discussion / Project Christine Concept
« on: 21 January 2014, 17:48:14 »

Razer is a leader in the gaming industry, including their complete lineup of gaming PCs. With iconic style, sleek form-factors and impressive specs, these Razer gaming PCs have almost a cult following in the Windows community. One of the ways that Razer pushes the technology envelope is to create forward-looking concept PCs. Razer doesn?t keep these concept PCs locked up in a secret lab, they share them with the world. This year at CES 2014 Razer unveiled a modular desktop concept PC called Project Christine that is gathering a lot of attention, and for good reason!


For more than 30 years, only the most hardcore enthusiasts were able to take advantage of PC customizability. Convoluted hardware made it insane for the average person: knowing what does what, what works with what, and how to connect the pieces.

Project Christine is a revolutionary new concept design that allows users to build and customize PCs in any configuration without any prior technical knowledge.
Choose any module on-the-fly in any combination, whether it?s the CPU, memory, graphics card, storage or power supply module, and simply plug it in. The PCI-Express architecture of Project Christine automatically syncs the components.

As new PC technology evolves, Project Christine can evolve with it. Need more graphics processing power or storage? Easy ? a user can slot-in additional graphics modules and add more storage by either swapping-out the existing storage drives or adding more modules.
The modularity of Project Christine makes it perpetually customizable, helping eliminate the need to replace entire systems.

Each sealed module is entirely self-contained and features active liquid cooling and noise cancelation. With this design, Project Christine?s components can be safely overclocked without voiding warranties.

SPAM / The LOL Collection [Chats]
« on: 06 January 2014, 12:03:46 »
Post funny conversations from xfire,steam or any other IM.

-Chats cannot be modified
-Must be Funny (OFC)
-Use the Spoiler Tags

Spoiler for Hiden:
[22:46] {XG}CSB: so are we going to play or not
[22:46] {XG}CSB: ?
[22:47] {XG}βĽдΖ∑Ŕ -=CЯУPTΞЖ=-: where?
[22:47] {XG}CSB: lets play in your yard...
[22:47] {XG}CSB: what about the playground outside your house
[22:47] {XG}CSB: or how about in terrace
[22:47] {XG}CSB: ine
[22:47] {XG}CSB: mine*
[22:47] {XG}CSB: but it's cold out here
[22:47] {XG}βĽдΖ∑Ŕ -=CЯУPTΞЖ=-: yeah sure i'll get a baseball bat
[22:48] {XG}CSB: wear warm clothes
[22:48] {XG}CSB: i use baseball bat to only beat up bad guys
[22:48] {XG}βĽдΖ∑Ŕ -=CЯУPTΞЖ=-: i was gonna do the same
[22:48] {XG}CSB: how about a soccer ball
[22:48] {XG}βĽдΖ∑Ŕ -=CЯУPTΞЖ=-: why do you think i need a basebal bat?
[22:48] {XG}CSB: XD
[22:48] {XG}CSB: loloooo
[22:48] {XG}CSB: XDXD
[22:49] {XG}CSB: that's a good one XD

Spoiler for Hiden:
[15:07] {XG}CSB: hi bro
[15:08] {XG}βĽдΖ∑Ŕ -=CЯУPTΞЖ=-: hey!
[15:08] {XG}CSB: audiosurf 2 is a game?
[15:08] {XG}βĽдΖ∑Ŕ -=CЯУPTΞЖ=-: no its a movie
[15:09] {XG}βĽдΖ∑Ŕ -=CЯУPTΞЖ=-: and xfire detects it!!
[15:09] {XG}CSB: XD
[15:09] {XG}βĽдΖ∑Ŕ -=CЯУPTΞЖ=-: AMAZING!!

Minecraft / Me,{XG}⇁ G?Đ and {XG}CSB on a server
« on: 12 August 2013, 21:26:37 »
So we downloaded the new minecraft 1.6.2 and found a really good server.We made a base,faction and a tunnel for mining so if anyone in the clan has minecraft we could play on this server.
Server IP :

And here are screenshots from CSB :D

Cracked and Premium both allowed

General Discussion / Back Online
« on: 26 April 2013, 06:37:46 »

Hi!,Finished my exams and back online,
How is everyone?,Have been reading the posts and WOW alot of stuff has changed,
So Whats UP!

Minecraft / SomeThings Wrong With The Server
« on: 15 January 2013, 18:10:13 »
I have the server banner in my forum signature and it said server is offline.So i checked the Server Control Panel

The server can be restarted but after 5 to 10 seconds it changes to this

Now the server is stopped and isnt turning on.

The Server Log Contains the following

2013-01-14 10:44:15 [INFO] Starting minecraft server version 1.4.6
2013-01-14 10:44:15 [INFO] Loading properties
2013-01-14 10:44:15 [INFO] Default game type: SURVIVAL
2013-01-14 10:44:15 [INFO] Generating keypair
2013-01-14 10:44:15 [INFO] Starting Minecraft server on
2013-01-14 10:44:15 [WARNING] **** FAILED TO BIND TO PORT!
2013-01-14 10:44:15 [WARNING] The exception was: Address already in use: JVM_Bind
2013-01-14 10:44:15 [WARNING] Perhaps a server is already running on that port?
2013-01-14 10:44:56 [SEVERE] java.lang.NullPointerException
2013-01-14 10:44:56 [SEVERE]    at
2013-01-14 10:44:56 [SEVERE]    at net.minecraft.server.v1_4_6.DedicatedServer.a(
2013-01-14 10:44:56 [SEVERE]    at
2013-01-14 10:44:56 [SEVERE]    at
2013-01-14 10:44:56 [SEVERE] Encountered an unexpected exception NullPointerException
   at net.minecraft.server.v1_4_6.DedicatedServer.a(
2013-01-14 10:44:56 [SEVERE] This crash report has been saved to: G:\TCAFiles\Users\oyytxmeg\83\.\crash-reports\crash-2013-01-14_10.44.56-server.txt
2013-01-14 10:44:56 [INFO] Stopping server
2013-01-14 10:44:56 [INFO] Saving worlds
2013-01-14 10:44:56 [INFO] Stopping server
2013-01-14 10:44:56 [INFO] Saving worlds

Report a Rule Breaker / Multi Clanning
« on: 30 December 2012, 12:23:03 »

Saw Him In The Extinction Server today.He Joined With The +MSA+Shady name then he quit and rejoined with The {XG} Tags.


Halo Custom Edition / Halo AntiCheat
« on: 28 December 2012, 18:47:02 »

Halo Anticheat 2 is a new mod, supporting all versions of both Halo CE and Halo PC. Download is at the very end of the post.

Despite the name, there's no anticheat in this build. This release is an alpha/preview to gather feedback on some of the features and a chance to get them tested on a wider array of machine configurations. Expect there to be bugs and gripes; removing them is the point of this alpha/preview release.

When reporting issues, please state your full game version (for example, Halo CE 1.04) and what you were doing/what you did when you encountered the problem.

Here's a quick overview of the features currently on offer for testing:

Map downloading

To help promote custom maps, HAC 2 boasts an in-game map downloading system. If a player attempts to join a server running a map they don't have, HAC 2 will intervene and download the map for you from a network of map mirrors and then continue connecting you to the game. Currently the system grants access to around 1,000 maps and growing.

This system requires absolutely no effort on the part of game server administrators. Players and administrators will be able to add any maps that might be missing from our extensive collection to the network responsible for serving the maps. There are also plans to support map makers further by allowing them to hold beta testing sessions without the hassle of distributing maps beforehand and having to worry about them being leaked by testers.

To keep things speedy, we're seeking bandwidth providers/mirrors for map hosting. You're free to donate as much or as little space and bandwidth as you wish. The only requirement is that you have at least ~10mbit upstream non-residential (other words, no home hosting) bandwidth. If you're interested in helping the service out, contact me or reply to this post and I'll contact you.

Rapid load times

HAC 2 adds a caching system to Halo CE that allows for near instant game launch times, regardless of how many custom maps you have. Put away the map managers, they're no longer needed. Download as many maps as you wish, your load times will stay constant.

Note: The initial launch time after loading HAC 2 will be the same as usual, so don't be disheartened. You'll see the speed increase on subsequent attempts after the caching has kicked in.

Increased draw distance

A small addition but the default draw distance has been increased severalfold. This only benefits a few custom maps. If you wish, you can restore the default (1024 units) via the 'draw' console command.

Doubled BSP poly limit

This was mainly done to fix glitches on existing maps but the extra budget could be used to produce more detailed maps. Although the limit has been doubled, it could be increased further in the future if desired. I'm aware that OS does something similiar (wasn't at the time of implementation), although I'm not sure if it's only for .yelo maps. Assuming it's not, having this as a feature in more than one mod will allow map makers to have their higher detailed maps played by a wider audience.

In-game BSP poly budget display

included a basic budget display for map makers that'll allow them to view how many polys are being drawn and how much of their budget they've used. This might prove to be utterly useless but the idea was to help map makers to squeeze the most of engine. That and to deserve as a distraction for a few moments.

I've included a basic budget display for map makers that'll allow them to view how many polys are being drawn and how much of their budget they've used. This might prove to be utterly useless but the idea was to help map makers to squeeze the most of engine. That and to deserve as a distraction for a few moments.

Automated version changing

Having a community split between game versions necessitated a version changer to grant players a wider choice of games to choose from. HAC 2 takes this idea one step further by detecting the version of the server you're attempting to join and silently switching your game to the correct version, ensuring you can join any game, regardless of version differences.

Unified server list

Another problem, related to the version changing, was only being able to see the server list for a single version of the game. HAC 2 solves this by showing you servers from all versions of the game. Combined with the automated version changer, you needn't worry about which version of the game you're using again.

Field of view modifier

Fairly standard feature but an important one to have. Pressing F6 in-game will allow you to adjust the field of view to your liking. If you're a console command kind of person, you can just type the value directly into the console with 'fov degrees'. Your preferences will be saved so you only need to do it once.

In-game server bookmarks/favourites

Pressing F4 in a game will allow you to add (or remove with another press) a server to a list of bookmarks. Pressing F5 will allow you to view this list, including live status information to help you pick a game to play in. To quick join a bookmarked server, simply press alt and the corresponding number. To join bookmarks with a number higher than 10, hold the control key down (e.g., alt + ctrl + 5 is 15).

Quick server information copying

A minor feature but it solves a pet annoyance held by many scrimmers. You can copy the details of a bookmarked server to the clipboard for easy pasting on Xfire/your choice of IM service by typing 'copy' followed by the corresponding bookmark number. To copy the details of the server you're in, regardless of whether it's bookmarked, simply type 'copy'.

Devmode toggle

Since external apps are irritating, I've added a command to toggle devmode on/off. Simply type devmode 0/1 into the console.

Note: Disable it before switching between games unless it's local (non-dedicated) or the game will crash. I'll patch this in the next update.

Stuff nobody cares about (misc fixes)

There are a couple of small fixes, such as fixing the console text so that the display time isn't tied to your framerate.

Future development plans

The features included in this release aren't the end of the project. Here's a quick taster of some of the other features that will be included in future updates, as testing progresses. There are more to come as development marches on.

Chat customisation

HAC 2 integrates and enhances Sehe's "Halo Chat V2" to allow for control over your in-game text display in multiplayer games. Aside from the customisation options, this fixes the dreaded 'text lag' issue.

Optic integration

Optic integration brings the announcements and medals from newer titles to your Halo 1 multiplayer experience. By having Optic as a feature built-in to HAC 2, we hope to bring you a wider variety of announcements and medals. As it stands, you can choose medals and announcements from any of the games, except Halo Wars.

More allowances raised

To follow on from the raised BSP poly limits, HAC 2 aims to do more of the same to other limitations. I'd just like to note that this project isn't focused on engine enhancements (you have OS for that) but if a few limits can be raised here and there, I'll do so.

Statistics tracking

HAC was the first application for Halo to bring detailed and reliable statistics tracking to the game and to date has tracked millions of kills and hundreds of thousands of games.

HAC 2 aims to build upon the statistics service offered by the original and bring the feature over for CE players to enjoy.


HAC 2 will offer server supported anticheat to both HPC and HCE. This means that for the first time, server administrators running SAPP* will be able to ensure a cheat-free experience by requiring all players in the server to be running HAC 2. Just to stress the point, there's no anticheat in the current build being provided for testing, so save the reverse engineering until later.

*hopefully users of other server mods such as Phasor and Gandanur will be able to join in on the fun.

Installation - A.K.A. "What files do I have to replace this time?"

HAC 2 is a single file that gets dropped into your Halo directory. It does not replace (or proxy) any of your existing files. Uninstalling is a simple matter of pressing the delete key. For more information, see the readme.txt included in the download.

HAC 2 will automatically grab the newest release when you start the game to ensure that you receive all bug fixes with zero effort on your part. Work has been put in to ensure the smallest possible file size (~75KB) to give you a smooth updating experience. Details of fixes and new features will be posted with each update.


Do I need admin rights to use HAC 2?

No. It was important to me that users didn't need to run the game with admin rights in order to make use of certain features, including map downloading.

Where do maps get downloaded to?

Maps are downloaded to a subdirectory of where Halo stores your game profile. This was done to allow users to download maps without requiring them to start the game with admin rights as would have been required by downloading to the game's default maps directory. If you wish to copy the maps to the standard directory, simply running the game with admin rights will cause HAC 2 to copy all downloaded maps there.

What ports does HAC 2 use?

There should be no need to adjust your firewall settings or mess around with port forwarding (only outgoing is required) but port 80 is used for updating and map downloading and port 3750 is used for communicating with the master server (stats tracking, anticheat, aspects of map downloading, etc). 3750 is unused in this release but will likely be made use of in the coming weeks.

If you're able to play the game online, you should be fine.

Known incompatibilities:

OpenSauce (will cause crashes) - will look at adding a fix soon
Goemitar's version changer - won't function but is no longer required

Thanks to...

Things wouldn't have progressed so smoothly without the help of the people below. Some of them had no direct involvement but have contributed through posting their research over the years.

In no particular order:
Sehe, As7raios (my personal Q&A department), PM Rave, Influx, Harbinger, Sean Aero, Oxide, Goemitar, Souless (UI prototype for the abandoned HAC 1.5), Snafubar (work on the abandoned C# HAC 2), Martz0r (work on HAC 1), SilentK (engine research, pre-OS), FleetAdmiralBacon (your app gave me the idea to increase the draw distance), WaeV and Tucker.

To Download :
Read the readme.txt

General Discussion / Changing Your Start Button (Windows 7)
« on: 27 October 2012, 11:01:47 »
Hey! Found another application in which you can change your Start Button On Windows 7.
How To Use It:
1.Download the File
2.Extract the file using Winrar
3.Open the File as Administrator (Right Click Run as Administrator)
4.Click on the button which looks like the windows 7 start button
5.There should be a default folder in the archive choose anyone of them
6.Wait 10 seconds and you start button will be changed

That's It You Changed your start buttton

You can get more buttons with Google

I found a working and cool version of Minecraft.You Dont need a Account To play online or pay for anything.
For Playing Online you have to find a cracked server there are alot of them.
Open Google and Type Minecraft Cracked Servers.

How to Get It:
1.Download The Game From
2.Extract The File Using Winrar

3.Place the Minecraft folder where ever you want.

4.Open The Folder
5.Run the file called portable_minecraft
6.You will see a Command Prompt screen Its the loader for the game.

7.Enter You Name you want to be displayed.

8.To update the game click on Force Update And Enter Game

To Get The Minecraft Crafting Guide.
1.Download The File From
2.Extract The File Using Winrar

3.Open The Folder

4.Open The File Called Minecraft - Crafting guide

5.Click on Select Item Class

6.Then Select Item

Thats It You Got A Fully Working Online And Offline Version Of Minecraft With The Crafting Guide

Halo Custom Edition / Halo Custom Edition Optics
« on: 13 October 2012, 18:45:43 »
Hey!I found this Cool Application for Halo CE made by Sehe.Its Called Optics.
I Just installed it.Optics Saves all your kills and deaths.And it has Medals for all achievements
Example:Double kill,Triple Kill

To get it Download it from:
Or you can get it from

Extract the File using Winrar:

Then You will see files like this

Select the Highlighted Files And Copy/Cut them

Now open your Halo CE Directory And Paste the Files

Now Open HaloCE You will See
"Optics by Sehe" On the Top of your Screen

By Pressing F1 and F2 you will see the following Screens

If You Do Not See Optics By Sehe on top of your screen then install the "vcredist_x86.exe" from the "redist" folder.

Halo Custom Edition / Sapp Commands
« on: 13 October 2012, 13:53:42 »
List Of Sapp Commands
Non-admins can use two commands:
/stats - This shows your kills,deaths, your kill/death ratio and the time in the server since round start.
/afk - When you use this command you won't respawn after you died until you type this command again (so you can't be killed)

Admins that have rcon must first add themselves to the sapp admin list before they can use chat commands.
This is done by using two initial rcon commands into the console itself:

rcon (password) sv_players
rcon (password) adminadd # 4
(The # is your player number from sv_players. The 4 is the admin level)

General Commands:(You cant use these commands unless your Admin of the server)
/pl - displays the names of the players in the server

/st # - Switches the player to the opposite team

/kill # - Kills the player

/afks - Displays inactivity periods (in seconds) of players

/k # "reason" - Player will be kicked with a reason noticing the other players.

/b # "reason" - Player will be banned with a reason noticing the other players

/ipbans - Same as sv_banlist. Displays the list of banned players and their index number

/ipunban <index> - Unbans the player whose index matches the one in the banlist displayed after using /ipbans

/say # "message" - Sends a server message to the player or players whose player expression is matched by the #

/balance - This command will try to make the most equal teams based on kills, assists, deaths and TKs, with a two pass scoring system. Players who got team switched won't get +1 death and will be warned by the server before it takes place.

Map Commands:
/begin - Same as sv_mapcycle_begin. This will reset the current mapcycle from the start.

/next - Same as sv_map_next. Will switch to the next map and gametype in the current mapcycle.

/prev - Will switch map back to the previous map in the current mapcycle

/lo3 - Live on 3. Will reset the map 3 consecutive times.

/reset - Same as sv_map_reset. Will reset the map once

/sv_map (map) (gametype) - Sets the map and gametype. For example, /sv_map bloodgulch slayer

/sv_mapcycle - Displays the maps and their respective gametypes in the current mapcycle

Chat Ban Commands:
/textban # - Bans a player from using the chat permanently.

/textbans - Displays the list of players that were textbanned and their index number (referred to as <index>)

/textunban <index> - Lets the player use chat again. (use the index number from /textbans NOT /pl)

This is the easiest and Simplest Way of Changing your login screen
1.Download This File
2.Extract it using Winrar
3.Open it
4.Choose the picture you want at login.

If your Picture Size is big it will Automatically Convert it to the size wanted.
Now the Default Windows Picture will change and will be the picture you chose
Works with Windows 7

Halo Custom Edition / Installing Custom Maps in HaloCE
« on: 13 October 2012, 11:31:25 »
First step is to download a map for that go to
Download the map you want.
It should look like this.

Extract the file using WinRar.

Copy or Cut the file you extracted

Open the folder where you installed HaloCE

Open The Folder called Maps and paste it

Thats it you just installed your custom map

This changes does not effect your public name.This only changes your name that can be seen in the clan.

How to

Changing your name is an easy process. First, simply click the link below:

Then you will see this

Enter the Nickname you want to use in the clan with your clan tag {XG}

Then Click on the button Set Nickname

General Discussion / How does this look ?
« on: 12 October 2012, 17:55:18 »
How Does This Look?

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