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Introduce Yourself / .::Myself & Clan
« on: 16 August 2017, 15:34:20 »
Not sure I've ever been in your servers, but I've caught wind of them and intend to have a go, some time. In the interim, I thought I'd introduce myself and clan, that we might easier get acquainted with one another. So, without further ado:

-db- (Diverging from the Believable) is a Halo: Combat Evolved & Halo Custom Edition, racing clan (more of a presence on the former), and has been around since January, 2004. Going strong, at the minute, with 25 members (4 inactive) and one or two guest regulars that look like joining on, in future. We've a fairly active membership, seeing us enjoy almost daily games in our servers.

It works for some, having many servers, and to each his own… but, we've always tried to keep things consolidated, currently with just 5, plus Ventrilo. Fittingly, we've also locked recruitment a few times, in past, because we never have really wanted to become too big a clan, minimizing the problem of factions almost breaking away from the group, and, rather, keeping everyone close/connected.

A motley crew, in earnest, comprising members of all walks, myself, at 32, being born and raised in Toronto, Canada (of South American/Caribbean heritage), albeit living in Germany. I'm happily married, with three boys and a girl, working as an ESL teacher. Football (soccer) takes up much of my leisure time, both watching and playing, some… but, I do get into most any sporting side from my hometown, during playoffs (6ix Side the best side).Else, my hobbies really just revolve around fitness and music, from listening, to creating/composing and even singing.

Every Friday, beginning from 3:30p EST (8:30p GMT; 21:30 CET), we get together for some Halo Custom Edition races, which is usually something of a marathon, with guests and members, alike, trickling in at different times, throughout the evening. There's music being streamed on Ventrilo, curated by yours truly, for which you can create a channel phantom to partake in, if you so choose—gives things a party-like vibe, with music playing in the background of, and even sometimes being the catalyst for, all the jokes and banter. It's a really great way to meet many members, at once, before maybe getting to know them a bit more, on quieter nights (can get pretty rowdy).

We're a family that's been together for a while, helping each other, by offering a place where you can escape a stressful day, or serving as a welcome distraction, through an extended rough patch—a number of us even meeting up 3 times in the last 4 years (sporadically, prior to then), perhaps quietly establishing a little tradition. Having, myself, recently endured a devastating private emergency, the outpouring of support and general solidarity on display was there in spades—from heartfelt replies in my thread, updating everyone, to private messages checking up on myself & family, and even poems written. I couldn't be prouder of such a great bunch, which is why I'm always so happy to shout it from the proverbial mountain-top.

Julique (-db-goNe)
Diverging from the Believable

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