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Title: Server updates!
Post by: {XG}BillClinton on 27 June 2014, 19:10:13
Our Sponsors at www.elitegameservers.net have made some very important updates.

They've changed the location of their Netherlands server to a different data center. This new location offers better pings for all who access the server, as well as having a much better/ more reliable connection (so less crashes).

The {XG} website, forums and TeamSpeak server have all been updated due to this change. You can obviously still access the website/forums by going to www.xgclan.com(/forum), but the TeamSpeak server has changed its address to ts.xgclan.com.

If anyone rents a server from www.elitegameservers.net (NL location) then the IP of your game server would have changed to: .

{XG}Scrim NL - By BillClinton's address has changed too: . The password is still the same for all those who want to use it!

If anyone spots a problem with anything, please tell either BillClinton or Gijs007 ASAP!