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SPAM / Re: Happy New Year
« on: 02 June 2018, 00:40:17 »
0:40 AM, barely able to sleep, and yall come to my mind

i want the old days back

General Discussion / Re: 1 evening playing halo together
« on: 05 April 2017, 23:46:58 »
Would be awesome, I had so many nostalgic moments in the last few days, and decided to break away from everything and just play a little HCE.. Good old Gulch Snipers, won the first round with 60 kills, and idk.. 1.10 and the new modded bs servers completely killed both the population of the servers and the mood to play probably.

I remember playing matches like a madman to put together the best pics for promotion, participating in halo nights, and all the good times we had together; Training CSB to be accepted as a member and he probably surpassed my skills a long ago, the 1v1 I had with Altis after a little chatfight we had, the FFA with BillC and Headshot where I was too annoyed with my internet connection to be bothered chatting, and all the good timberland raids on the red base.. And I'm pretty sure to be the only Hungarian member since all of that, and it makes me excited exactly the same I used to be when I got accepted into the clan.

A lot has happened since, but we should never forget all the good times we all share. Love you guys

{XG} Clan News / Re: Tacos is back!
« on: 20 March 2016, 20:36:24 »
We are kinda dying

It's so good to see you again man!

Halo Combat Evolved / Re: DIEING SERVER!!!
« on: 22 October 2015, 00:20:18 »

Halo Combat Evolved / Re: XG All Veh needs an Admin!
« on: 14 October 2015, 17:16:34 »
The rules of the fight club applies to the admin club

1st RULE: You do not talk about ADMIN CLUB.
2nd RULE: You DO NOT talk about ADMIN CLUB.
3rd RULE: If someone says "pls ban" or goes AWOL, taps out the game is over.
4th RULE: Only two teams to a fight.
5th RULE: One gamemode at a time.
6th RULE: No OS, no camo.
7th RULE: Campers will go on as long as they have to.
8th RULE: If this is your first night at ADMIN CLUB, you HAVE to make things right.

Also the status should be earned, not asked for

{XG} Clan News / Re: Updated members list
« on: 14 October 2015, 17:08:01 »
Well I know that Pyro is "active", but doesn't really bother checking the forums - we used to chat on fb, and create 2v2 with his or my friends few weeks ago. If you guys need me to convince him to be active on the forums too, I can bring him here (tho he will recieve some nice purple bruises)

Well, some months ago I lost my admin, because reinstalled the pc, other halo setup, etc
XG's prime minister told me he will restore my privileges, but I still can't log in ;D

I re-added you as admin the day after we spoke about it.

I'm honestly not sure why it would not work for you.

Well, I think we can blame my pc for it, it's an actual living artifact with magical proportions, can reproduce unicorns with the help of an actual infinity stone borrowed from Thanos itself and able to pull anything, but to make halo work properly :p (gonna check it again today) oh and the wall of text was just for lulz, but it seems that my text had a purpose actually - you see, it's not wise to counter cheaters and hackers with their weapons, even if the admin staff can't do anything against them... if the one above all can't, how could you? They will eventually punish those people, because they are the only one with power to do so - if you try to justify the hacker's actions with something the admins not approved of, you will be punished too, for breaking the rules.

Just a tip, not an order; if you see hackers, it means they will not be really annoyed, nor frustrated by you, since their overall knowledge stops at hacking. If you try to "make 'em day worse than hell" all you can really do is to quit. A hunter will not be annoyed by a prey that is trying to evade it.. it looks at it as a challenge. But when it has no prey.. wouldn't you be annoyed that you only waste your time trying to find something? I know philosoeagle and stuff but meh

So, if a hacker/aimbotter joins, and the anticheat does not detect it, all you can do is quit - I can't feel pity for those who use their hands before using their head. The most logical and easiest method is to simply quit - there are several other servers to play on.
But if you stay for hours, just to use glitches/aimbot anything to "annoy" them is no use.. it's like feeding the troll. They are masochists who like when they are looked down, like when people are harassing them, and love when people telling him what they have done with his birthgiver on xbox. Think of it as their life source - they are bound to annoy people even with their presence, and without being a cancer to any community their lives would be isolated, full of pain and miserable moments.

save your sanity, quit the server

Well, some months ago I lost my admin, because reinstalled the pc, other halo setup, etc
XG's prime minister told me he will restore my privileges, but I still can't log in ;D

Well, if we can restore my admin to my usual name, and to my original pw (starts with i, ends with y btw) then I will gladly take care every one of them, but seeing that they are capable of several impossible feats, it is not a guarantee tho

I was playing a sci-fi space shooter game I highly praise in 2013, and a hacker group lead by a guy (alias Doj) overpowered the admins alone, and recruited his little pawns of hell (one of them, Matt, was my friend) and they frequently made op characters with weapons with immense refire rate, damage, range, m/s, etc. (I also made a video about it on youtube years ago, i could take out battlecruisers which thousand times more destructive than my little heavy fighter in like 10 shots) killing players during event, eventually losing their sacred equipment, loot, commodities, ammo, etc (credits worth billions lost in minutes) making the dev team busy giving equipment back to their original owners, they did a lot of server roll backs, actually making our progress equal to zero

I actually infiltrated their ranks with the help of Matt, generated billions of credits, gave out money for those who lost everything to at least have fun until rollback (all the given money will be deleted) and got nothing back, and made characters like in the movie Terminator 3.. anti cheater charaters

the admins eventually "proved" that I was one of them, but with my immense amount of actions, they actually tracked down my usual "wingmates" and destroyed the cheaters

The server is clean for almost 2 years, but I lost my rights to ever return to the server, because I made the admins too much work to track down my actions, my "donations" and everything, even though it was rolled back after the cheater pc's were flagged

even though I may be admin in this clan because reasons, but I think simple IP ban will not solve the problem
we can try ofc, maybe they are dumb apes unable to think about a workaround, but we most definitely have to start thinking about alternatives, if they return after the ban

will eagle punish those who dare dishonour our rules, or fail miserably? stay tuned

General Discussion / Re: Hey Guys
« on: 30 August 2015, 18:09:21 »
going to do this only for +1 post thank


Minecraft / Re: Minecraft 1.7.2 - Projects, and maybe some dl link
« on: 22 August 2015, 22:31:21 »
GOOD LORD! i was waiting for you guys to bring this up. I finally got my LEGAL minecraft account and i wanted to play with you people but it seemed like you guys weren't insterested in minecraft anymore. SO

Eagle if you would be kind enough to send me the server info so i could join as soon as i get home.

Eagle are you going to send me the info or not?

I assume a it was this, right? Sorry, I missed it :|

As far as I remember, it was on hamachi, and the network name is : KetaServer
And the pw is : msi, or 113
Server IP:

I actually gave you the info about the old hamachi like 2 years ago man ;D

Also my semester is going to start soon, I couldn't give any fix info about it till 25th of august, since this is the date when my fate in the next 2 years will be settled ::)
Anyway, this only means we got me, you, one of my friends who really cant speak english and jimmy, if we can get it working. Pyro said he would be interested, but lack of time, again :<
Also we still got to plan more, hamachi is:

Name: "Eaglenest" ::)
Pw: "msi"

Right now we are on 1.5.2 since with my net, it's the most stable when my net is limited, but we have to test it more with more players, greater distances, chunk loading at multiple times etc
As soon as 1.9 drops we could start doing it, but if school interferes, weeeeell

just join damnit lol

Minecraft / Re: Minecraft 1.7.2 - Projects, and maybe some dl link
« on: 11 August 2015, 15:35:30 »
Warning: this topic has not been posted in for at least 20 days. bla bla bla

TL;DR - reinstalled pc, eagle is active once again, can play halo or mc any given time when I'm not on my mtb or in the gym, yeah we will need hamachi too, my net forsaken me few times but it is working again properly, nice ping, etc, wait even tl;dr is too long, okay i will stop cya have a nice day

So I'm sure we are rather inactive nowadays (I will never consider ourselves as 'dead') we lost contact with several members, others quit or left, etc :c

But I don't want this to ever happen, and I'm sure all of you agree on this one.

A week ago I established my internet connection somehow, and it's rather long story, skip the italicized orange text if you don't want to hear it.

So, after passing final tests, etc, my usb stick just fckn died. Oh the reason for this is because I bought a tablet, and back in the days, when I had like 300 ping on lead servers, I used my nokia 5230 with a pc suite to get internet connection on my pc - it was rather laggy, bat stable and long-lasting.
The thing is, the download speed is terrible - I can't use Hac or anything to download custom maps automatically, but the ping is.. well for a limited time, solid as rock. On XG Gulch Snipers I managed to be 1st on a server after half year of inactivity, regardless being outnumbered, or my teammates being afk, nevertheless, we won these matches. Thanks to the ping, since few weeks ago I couldn't hit shit *ask pyro about my rant* All I did was get a tablet, put the sim card in (oh, it had to be cut down to a micro sim to fit insire) connect to pc with a micro usb cabel, enable tethering and voala, 80-120 ping, with 32kbit/s limited dl speed if I run out of data to use (8gb per month, quite large for my usage, yet mc server take like 100-200mb/day - oh 5mbit/s when not limited, perfect for halo)

The thing is, the usb stick still required a normal stick, so I had to buy a cheap transformator.. a card with the size of a normal sim, and the micro sim could be fit inside. It was nice and cool until one day it fucking ripped the bronze or idk what is was cables out. So after using the micro usb thingie few weeks after that, it stopped working (yesterday) and I could only charge my tablet if it was turned off.
Somehow it fucking fixed itself (the fuck is going on with everything i own) and here's the best part - I was using personal enb for my portable halo. After I visited Jimmy to get gtaIV, he told me he wants the DaftPunk#1 and #2 back on track - our "fun" characters for youtube videos, shit & giggles. So I searched for the 1.10 patch, got him the official copy, and it was working on the first try. Since I had my pendrives with me, I brought it back home, installed it, had to delete hac2 since mobile internet connection always aborts update somehow, copied custom UI in the maps folder so no more "checking for updates" bs, and it was working.

The best part, is, the fact that I can't aim was because of enb. I just can't find any intelligent answer to it.. had enb, hs wouldn't count, but when I shot someone on a nolead server 2 meters after them, it was a kill - something like blackbird's "reverse ping" video showed, but it was weirder.

So, got official copy with patch, ui everything, tablet fixed itself, I can finally play again even when my net is limited, and we got an mc server running most days. Everything I could ever ask beside that I want XG will be more active again. Yeah I know how it works, and can't blame anybody. I just wish :c

So, I'm finally active once again, (oh, also reinstalled my pc, win7masterrace) so I can finally reach the forums without mental breakdown yeah

I've got a minecraft server (we were testing with 1.5.2 with limited internet - turns out its laggy only when players are far away from me), got halo going, will download Star Conflict again (get ready pyro) thinking about Arma/DayZ, everything we can play together.

If we can round up like 10 active players, I will rent a minecraft server for a year, and we could start this god damned serie of ours. I know I won't get any replies soon, but every kind of feedback is appriciated guys

love you all

On the same day I reinstalled my pc, now win 7, and the problem is the same - can't type nor see anything in the chat

If I remember right, in the old days using a modified chatbox used to solve the problem, or installing some kind of software from microsoft - not sure which. lmgtfy and I'll be back with the results

So msxmlenu.msi is required, or hearing from several accounts it fixes the problem, the main thing is, it supposed to be in your halo folder
My portable version somehow doesn't include this, so I can't upload it for you :c

Resigning / Re: Thank you for everything.
« on: 30 June 2015, 21:59:02 »
actually I wanted to write something heavy and such
yet that notice was too much, even for me qq


Even though my pc/net problems didn't let me to keep contact with almost any of you, except pyro, it's still saddens me that our little family passed it's highest point - sorry as I said I can't even make up real words anymore, I'm just depressed qq

well, from that far away, I can only wish you have anything good granted to you in rl, and my only wish to meet any and all xg members at least once in my life. You Blazer, and all of this clan's members are great people, and well damn I'm out of words

The best of luck to you


Grand Theft Auto / Re: WHO'S GETTING GTA V???
« on: 13 April 2015, 14:20:53 »
Upgraded my pc in every aspect I could, yet I'm not going to play GTA V in the near... damn, not even in the future.

I'm stuck with Niko :c

New Members / Re: New Member - {XG}TheBroJoey
« on: 28 February 2015, 11:03:28 »
Heeeeeeeeey, welcome to the brotherhoood D:
Make sure you kill often and quick! Also, well.. I'm out of ideas lol, anywaaay welcome once again before I forget ::)

Heeeey, welcome...

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