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General Discussion / Hi from an old friend.
« on: 03 November 2016, 13:49:46 »
Hey XG clan.
Its been so long without checking back on this site. And damn, the memories are getting back to me.
I used to play for a long time and used to be the master of positive karma ratio and "infinite" posts.For new users this might not ring a bell at all, but for old folks , i hope they already realized who is the bastard writing this haha.
 I left to chase after my plans and ideas 2-3 years ago? I don't even remember. Since then a lot happened. I moved out my city, started a new life and met new people, some that got to touch my heart. I discovered what i was good at, design and photography. Bought a gear and moved to Italy for a while where i wrote articles for a local book club magazine and worked on projects as a replacement photographer. I traveled after that. Went on a visiting spree. Took a tour from Torino Italy to Paris. Then took e detour to Netherland, University of Twente,  then to Munich ,then to Hanover GE, then Vienna, then a long trip to Dubrovnic, stayed a while there. And moved south. And now, after 4 months of only traveling non stop, i am home. While i was unpacking i found my old pc case and it reminded me of Halo and the crazy time i spent on that game. Nostalgia got to me. Man i remember being the OG undisputed badass zombie annihilator. And when i got caught i was that one zombie that will be a pain in the ass to survive from.
It surely reminded me of this clan and oh boy.. im so happy this clan is still going on and kicking ass. I see how the years have affected this place , a slick new design but a bit innactive community? Where are you guys? Is Halo still going strong? Is Eagle still on acid? Is Bill still covering up his expenses on hookers with fake charities and donations? And where the fuck is Taco?!

Well i want to hear from you all. Ill check back to see if you guys will ignore this just because you cant remember who the hell am i xD
Good to see ya guys!

Spoiler for Hiden:
You sluts better not have forgotten who i am. Its Joris. You know, that annoying guy?[!spoiler]

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