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« on: 21 October 2015, 21:58:34 »

1. Server is dieing, 50% of people cant log in. 'unvalid cd-key'
2. New script, Assholes thank you for it, Now they can camp and troll all they want and  are protected due to script.
3. New script, No more kill-on-air, no more t-bagging, boring and undermining the rank of server.

Server dieing cause of  stupid script, so many complaints, people cant log in. XG site aint functional, some cant reach it , some cant even apply on MB. Chaos.

Im playing on ya servers for more then 8 years. Ignoring my comments for years. Now you come in change script ruining the whole server. We need an active admin. Stating that you have complaints about me, yeah right ! Duhh you dont act at all, some1 has to do it. Commenting on the way how i do it, is cheap, its cause you dont do anything for years.

I really regret you just ignore a top ranked server with more then 15000 players. Server is going down the drain now.

Since you xg agreed to leave this server for what it is, then why not give some1 admin rights ? I dont care who or what, just act.




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« Reply #1 on: 22 October 2015, 00:20:18 »
PVP Whore - Refers to a player who's near soul purpose in the game environment is the uberpwn destruction of other players.

I put the panic in hispanic.


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« Reply #2 on: 25 October 2015, 20:09:22 »
Why did you post this here? it needs to be in the server section on our forum..
We asked users to test our servers and comment on them when we were updating them. Now months after we had rolled out test servers you start complaining?!

Why don't you host your own server instead? Then you can put everything the way you want to.
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