Arma 3 maps

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Arma 3 maps
« on: 20 November 2013, 22:04:47 »
As some of you might know, I've already bought Arma 3.
So far it looks really great, the single player is a bit less hardcore compared to Arma 2 I hope this is the case in the rest of the gameplay as well.

Unfortunately there aren't as many mods for it as there are for Arma 2 yet, but people have already converted dayz over to Arma 3:

It looks really cool in my opinion, especially because the engine is designed for Mediterranean maps so it isn't as dark as Arma 2.
A down side to this is that it is easier to be found and targeted, for example in Dayz. (but perhaps we will see Dayz maps with more fog to compensate for this)

Another cool thing is that there is a huge map which is going to be released for free later, the is map called Altis and is based on the Greek island Lemnos
To bad they didn't add Crete(which I went to on vacation a couple of months ago)

Actually you can already play on this map in the showcase missions (which allow you to drive vehicles and such, but there is no gameplay like enemies, etc).
I've done this and noticed that travelling from one side of the map to another can be over 20KM in distance!
Luckily the new vehicles are a bit faster and handle better.

I've even managed to crash a heli and kill my self without blowing up the heli (it was in operational however).

All in all I can't wait to play Dayz on this, but you definitely want to use outposts and not just have one major base.
Also it's going to be harder to hide a base/outpost, you would probably want to place one at the other side of a hill (which there are plenty of on this map)

I hope some of the moded dayz mod's(DayZ Genesis/Dayz Epoch) for Arma 2 will make it over to Arma 3, so we can trade and build our own bases and buildings which makes game play even more interesting and dynamic.
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Re: Arma 3 maps
« Reply #1 on: 21 November 2013, 01:11:27 »
I'm glad they called a map after me.